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RFP Photo - Demo Reel


Video production services and capabilities, including high-definition videography and editing, are available through Robin F. Pendergrast Photography, Inc. In addition to image and video editing we also provide a full complement of field production, direction, script writing, animation and other associated creative services.

All videography projects are quoted per project. Feel free to contact us to initiate a discussion of your video needs.

Videography Demo
RFP Demo Reel
Pioneer Center
Pioneer Center
for Human Services
Pioneer Center/McHenry County PADS
Pioneer Center
McHenry County PADS
Lorrin E. Woodman
Lorrin E. Woodman
Global Arthroscopy  Global Arthroscopy Foundation
Pay it Forward
Alluma Firelog Alluma Firelog
Anawim+Damien   "Anawim+Damien" Documentary
The Silent Secret
Lakeside LegacyArts Park
Lakeside Legacy
Arts Park
Hate Hurts
Hate Hurts
Walker Mower
Family Reunion
OverviewEvent Overview
Obstacle CourseObstacle Course Highlights
Bob WalkerBob Walker's
State of the
Mower BuildAaron Tippen's
Mower Build

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Flight For Life


The RFP Videoette is a fun and cost-effective way to capture a variety of images. Simply put, we edit, apply music and take any number of images, logos and artwork and incorporate them into a wonderful, well-thought-out and cutting-edge presentation. Depending on the link and the sourcing of the images (whether or not we shoot them) the quality of the images and any extra sizing that has to be done, a RFP Videoette can be produced for less than $495.00.

The Videoette is a novel way to present a product or a service, online. The applications and the opportunities are endless.

Take a look at some of the samples that we have produced. These are often then re-applied to a You-Tube file and the ultimate exposure and presentation is not only impressive but thought-provoking and productive. It is a productive medium to upload to your website and share with friends and family.

Call us today at 815.477.3480. But first take the opportunity to look at some of the new RFP Videoettes.

RFP Demo
RFP Variety
2012 MCYSA
2012 MCYSA
Twin Garden Farms Mira Cookbook
Recipe Book
Star 105.5 Radiothon for Turning Point 2011
Turning Point '11
& Star 105.5
Crystal Lake Chamber Golf Classic
CL Chamber
Golf Classic 2011
Crystal Lake's 27th Annual Cardboard Cup Regatta
CL Cardboard Cup Regatta 2011
Sky High 2011
Sky High 2011
Blizzard 2011
Bizzard 2011
The Nutcracker

Tree Classics

Danon Gallery

Three Oaks Recreation Area

Flight for Life

Sexton Anniversary

Collins Wedding

Botanic Garden

McHenry County

Astro Craft

Sky High Volleyball
Sky High

Drunk driving videos fight teen drunk driving and lower DUI accidents and deaths

Parents, schools use videos to diminish. . .
  • Drunk driving
  • DUI homicides
  • Teen drinking
  • Alcohol-related deaths
  • Reckless homicides

"Everyone Pays..."

Click here to order the video series that saves teenagers' lives

    Drunk driving, or driving under the influence (DUI), has potentially fatal consequences, especially in cases involving teen drinking. Driving while intoxicated can lead, not only to auto-accident fatalities and reckless homicide, but, obviously, to devastating effects on family members and friends of DUI victims.
    Accidents and deaths attributed to drunk driving can be diminished through education. Our videos, "Everyone Pays...Staging A Mock Collision" and "Everyone Pays...Teenage Drinking & Driving" are powerful positive tools. School drunk-driving programs can combine these videos with staged realistic DUI accident-aftermath simulations to achieve long-lasting, positive effects.
    These videos highlight the introspective commentary of DUI perpetrators and victims show the grave impact alcohol-related accidents and DUI homicides have on the drunk drivers as well as on the DUI victims and their families.
    Drunk driving accidents cause a rippling effect if they become car accident fatalities or reckless homicides. The enduring anguish resulting from DUI deaths and drinking and driving accidents is chilling. While valuable any time of year, showing these videos to your children or conducting school programs including them are especially needed during the prom and graduation season.
    Be responsible. Help end unnecessary alcohol-related deaths and DUI accidents. Help wipe out drunk-driving carnage.

"Everyone Pays..."

To order either of the two videos or the
complete series with handbook, call
Pyramid Media at 1-800-421-2304 or
visit their website at
and select "Catalog", then
"Category List", then "Alcohol Abuse"

The truth . . .

. . . of a tragedy . . .

. . . that didn't have to happen . . . but did!