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After the five-star four-star Italian
Goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon is still the position of the main iron but the reaction is slow with age, I think a lot of capabilities under Siliguri never again Buffon but right now is still the absolute main Buffon and captain. Back line right back is certainly not Abate Abate how powerful but its main competitors are also considered vulnerable but anyway Abate experienced many great scenes of the four guards who world cup 2014 text out 2 not surprisingly, the main one should be Barzagli and Chiellini left-back Gael Clichy relatively uncertain now several candidates Manitoba Mirza Retiro there is Desi Rio 3 people fairly stable Balza Retiro in Denmark was the Turner burst under both indirect let seeded Italian lost places of Desi Rio only good is still young and can be left and right can be brought to practice level.

In midfield is not great suspense Lord Pierre Rossi is the main partner of the other two iron is produced in Marchisio and Montolivo middle Marchisio although there Motta in the national competitions in the sense of pure not very often invisible but its perennial Juve should be able to mix with the first main fifa world cup 2014 Pirlo but it can not guarantee the position remains to be seen another location should be Montolivo but always felt his position with total overlap Pirlo is better Motta of course, the midfield is easy Wei Ladi can practice known as dry- grade son Giaccherini also have the opportunity to fight for something Giaccherini personal guard to estimate the possibility of playing a lone striker is relatively large compared to the Brazilian think Italy the midfielder is quite superb and several marginal figures Aquilani fight for what sauce places Polly...

Balotelli forward line is certainly not a problem under normal iron main case can definitely make any team defender stricken. If Balotelli suspended and now he should be the main substitute personal feeling is to produce a relatively large opportunity between Osvaldo Osvaldo and Balotelli behind Gilardino number should be Di Ya Mandi middle of these three individuals produce.

Diamanti should play the second half with world cup jerseys 2014 his Cock wire off the bench quite workable As Rossi and Chaaraoui to see who did not hurt when he brought a bar in addition to these people as well as the estimate Candreva and Qieer Qi Long shot Candreva will take at least one is keep changing with the law and the second half Qieer Qi breakthroughs in Serie A World Cup is also good to not get a good look at the upstream.

Overall, the Italian team group stage to qualify as long as there are still some competitive reasons bins so will have to see how to group the playoffs Italy is quite horrible personal forecast should be no question as to the Top 8 4 strong feeling to win even more in the future more difficult but it is estimated Zhezhi play has changed relatively speaking Italian will bring you wonderful game.